Make an Impact: Plant Trees. Protect the Environment

We Create 1 Billion Token For 1 Billion Trees to Reward the Community Globally.

Our mission is to plant one Million trees. We will conserve, restore, or grow one billion trees. This is a big goal for a small organization that inspires others. The only way to prevent disasters in the future is to coordinate a massive effort.

Businesses can take restorative actions and offer solutions that empower consumers to make sustainable choices with Algo ESG. Our goal is to position brands in a way that appeals to, delights, and builds loyalty among the next generation of consumers.

Plant a Tree with us to Fulfill Your Net Zero and ESG Commitments.

Earn $AESG as a Reward.

Projects & Rewards

We plan to hold competitions on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms related to tree planting.

Take Photo

You can plant a tree with us anywhere in the world to fulfill your ESG and net zero commitments; send us before and after photos for verification.

Receive $AESG

Soon as your address is verified, we will send you the $AESG token. You can trade or  redeemable at


$10.00/month for 20 trees planted.

The most effective all-around impact plan 👌

Receive  5 $AESG Monthly for 12 months.


$25.00/month 50 trees planted

With this plan, you can be a hero for the planet 👏

Receive  20 $AESG Monthly for 12 months.


$50.00/month 100 trees planted.

Take your impact to the next level with our top plan 💪

Receive  50 $AESG Monthly for 12 months.

Algo ESG has the ambition to plant one Million 1000.000.000 trees.

The Algo ESG token $AESG has all the attributes of being a significant climate change contributor. 

  • 1. Billion Limited supply
  • With more trees planted, the reward token decreases.
  • Decentralized blockchain ledger
  • Algorand’s Pure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Nodes’ Carbon Footprint
  • Algorand is designed to be a payments-focused network with rapid transactions and a focus on achieving near-instant finality in less than five seconds – that means processing more than 1,000 transactions per second (TPS).

For Tree Planters

Anyone can join our movement to make an impact and earn an $EASG token by planting a tree.

For Consumers

Contribute to reducing climate change. Be a part of the reforestation effort by purchasing an $AESG token.

For Businesses

$AESG can be accepted in-store or online and converted instantly into BTC, ALGO, and USDC.

Make an impact join us plant trees today

Taking action across four categories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Framework.

To achieve a more prosperous and sustainable future for all, the Sustainable Development Goals provide the blueprint. Global challenges include poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. As a member of Algo ESG, you can contribute to four different categories.

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We need your support to restore the ocean and fight climate change

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Our mission is to fight the ocean and climate crisis together.

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Together, we’re an unstoppable force for change.


 Our company is constantly striving to give back to the community, and planting trees has been a great way to support our CSR pillar of green initiatives.


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Our environment needs cleaner air, and Advent supports Algo ESG wholeheartedly as an eco-conscious organization.

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 For anyone concerned about our oceans and climate, Algo ESG gives us powerful tools to make a difference and track our impact.

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 Thanks to this unique initiative, creating a greener planet has never been easier.

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