Algo ESG is the  platform for taking action  to protect our planet. 

Our mission is to restore the ocean, forest health and address climate change.


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will completely transform our world.

About Us 

We are bold and ambitious about improving our relationship with nature for our planet through cutting-edge technologies, including web3, satellite data, and artificial intelligence. Diversity in background, education level, and specialization is an asset to our company. We work together with partners and stakeholders to address sustainability challenges to achieve sustainable growth. Collaborations that preserve land, reforestation, and capture carbon credits while honoring Indigenous Peoples’ rights are encouraged. People’s lives will be improved when policy, program, and relationship development takes an inclusive, collaborative approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for the current and future generations. We want to create an environment that is sustainable for all. Reforestation can be a long-term solution to reversing climate change. Planting trees through the partnership with Algo ESG provides landowners with additional income and environmental and ecological benefits. In addition, landowners who partner with us can preserve the rural character of their land while contributing to the restoration of a vital ecosystem.
The process involves measuring the carbon absorbed by those trees and selling that carbon. Our impact benefits local communities as well as the global economy.

ESG Market Demand

ESG Market Demand ESG – Environmental Social Governance: Attract eco-conscious customers and amp; grow sustainably. Investing in ESG is better for your business, employees, and the planet. We believe sustainability is the innovation opportunity of our lifetime. Enterprises and people are now inspired to do the right thing, collaborate, innovate, and accelerate to a more sustainable future. ESG investing is forecast to grow by 33 % by 2025. ESG will oversee all assets under management, not just local assets. Between 2018 and 2036, assets valued at US$160tn will grow at a substantial 43% rate. Globally. The economic benefits of low-carbon growth could exceed US$26 trillion by 2030 – and this is a conservative estimate.

ESG for Business and Investors

ESG Practice’s benefit extends beyond building positive public relations for the company and ensuring that institutional shareholders are satisfied. Companies and investors can benefit from having a robust ESG program that facilitates access to large pools of capital, builds a more powerful corporate brand, and promotes sustainable long-term growth. The Algo ESG platform will revolutionize the environmental and social governance models. Companies and investors alike benefit from ESG practices. With the introduction of the $AESG token on the market with inherent value, we could see a paradigm shift in how people interact with their money! The $AESG token offer a platform that promotes trust, integrity, and security in commerce.


    Our mission is to restore relationships—between people and the planet, to conserve forests, the lands, and the waters on which all life depends.


    Creating pathways to economic freedom while advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is at the core of our commitment


    We envision a world where forests’  environmental, societal, and economic benefits are equitably available to all people.


    There is a growing demand for ESG, driven by employees, investors, and consumers.


    We are creating a platform where consumers, businesses, and the community can redeem the $AESG token to plant trees. Therefore, we will slow climate change, boost biodiversity, improve air and water quality, and provide healthy forests for future generations.


    ESG Blockchain Hub is a central location and a place where companies and consumers can exchange tokens and information, and audit tokens and data.


    The blockchain hub provides access to ESG information to producers, transporters, merchants, and suppliers.

    Powered by the Algorand Blockchain, a carbon-negative, scalable, low-fee, fast, and secure technology.

    The global carbon-offset market is projected to grow from 600 million to $200 billion by 2050, say Berenberg forecasts, giving it fertile ground.

    Bold climate action could deliver $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030.

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    The purpose of ESG investing, which stands for environmental, social, and governance, is to invest in companies that contribute to making the world a better place.