Bringing ESG To The Blockchain

Digital Assets Backed by Physical Land and Reforestation

Sustainable investments allow us to make our planet a better place for everyone.

Our planet is the only natural resource for the basis of the global economic system.


AESG Token serves as a global sustainability benchmark. Through Blockchain technology, businesses can monitor progress, foster transparency, and generate sustainable value worldwide.

ESG Investments

Through the development of AESG, token holders will be able to set the demand levels for decentralized environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards by exchanging ALGO for AESG.


The ALGOESG ecosystem continues to grow through partnerships. The newly formed partnerships bring value and we will keep you informed about upcoming products from our newest partners.


AESG Token encourages ethical business practices by rewarding interaction between users and preserving ESG. AESG ecosystem also clarifies what it means to be “ESG-friendly”.



Transparent data on ESG companies back the AESG Token. Each AESG Token represents the same value based on how much demand is available as a trading currency for goods and services from these companies and other crypto.

Open Market

AESG Tokens are traded on a free and open market that anyone can access. You can check, move, and use it at any time in a third-party cryptocurrency wallet, like My Algo and Pera wallet in full ownership.


1B Max Supply

500M Circulating

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How To Buy

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 $AESG Token Asset Invests in Sustainable Future Business


The purpose of ESG investing, which stands for environmental, social, and governance, is to invest in companies that contribute to making the world a better place.

Join us

Be part of our ecosystem Stewardship program. We connect organizations taking action to protect ecosystems and plant trees worldwide through our platform.

Taking Action!

Collaboration with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, create jobs, protect the ecosystems, and help mitigate climate change.

Financial Partnerships

Partner with us to fulfill your ESG and net-zero. Our commitments. Fight climate change and alleviate poverty.

Support Partners

Our partners include NGOs, nonprofits and  governments committed to ecosystem protection, north-south equity and microfinance.

Powered by the Algorand Blockchain, a carbon-negative, scalable, low-fee, fast, and secure technology.

The global carbon-offset market is projected to grow from 600 million to $200 billion by 2050, say Berenberg forecasts, giving it fertile ground.

Bold climate action could deliver $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030.



– Business Plan 

– Setting up a multisig wallet for a token

– Social Media 


Q3, 2022

-Website Development   

– ASA Asset  Verification 

– Business Development

– Reforestation efforts



– Building  Partnership

– Invest in sustainable  farm 

– Online Trees  Marketplace  

– Land reserve in consideration



Algo ESG $AESG Token are Sustainable Investments for the Future of Our Planet.

30% of Benefits go to Reforestation Associations.

Let the Rainforest Stay Pure so its Future can be Secure.


What is the Algo ESG?

The Algo ESG was designed to address climate change
Projects specialize in reforestation, carbon credits, sustainable farming, and renewable energy. Our collective home is upside-down, so our planet is upside-down.
There is a way to prevent it. It won’t save itself.
It is imperative to reduce our carbon footprint, but the pace of change is far slower than the amount of time we have left. Our responsibility is to find a solution.
Fighting climate change requires inadequate tools. There are enough climate solutions out there right now that if we supported them, it’d undo 30 years of carbon damage by avoiding 1,500 billion tonnes of CO2. What if that changed, and the billions of us who care became empowered?
Let’s take advantage of this opportunity.


Why Blockchain?

Algo ESG will revolutionize the model for the environment and social governance. We are creating a platform to meet the growing demand for integrity in commerce.Algo ESG united all aspects of production finance, integrating blockchain accountability by introducing digital asset that carries inherent store value on the market. Working toward financial inclusion with Blockchain technology is beginning to help people in countries such as Kenya and Vietnam build more resilient and prosperous lives through greater access to financial services.

Why Should I Support Algo ESG?


Join our community. We connect organizations taking action to protect forests and plant trees worldwide through our platform. Climate change exists, but its most devastating effects don’t appear for decades or centuries. Climate change affects more than forests and coral reefs. Extreme weather events will affect all of us, causing food prices to increase and fewer opportunities to experience nature.


How Can I Join the project?

We welcome you to our community if you are passionate about the environment and have relevant experience either from your work or volunteer work. We invite blockchain programmers and NFT artists to showcase their work and participate in creating our Gen 1 NFTs. 

What is ESG?

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance, the three broad categories or areas of interest for “socially responsible investors.” They are investors who consider it essential to incorporate their values and concerns (such as environmental concerns) into their selection of investments instead of simply considering the potential profitability and risk presented by an investment opportunity.

ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance and is part of the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Why ESG Important for Business?

The ESG provides organizations with added insights into their impact on society through three categories: Environmental, Social, and Governance. The categories include climate change, carbon emissions, water pollution, and air pollution.

Human Rights, working conditions, and equal opportunity corporate structure, ethics, hiring practices, and compensation.

Considering how quickly ESG has gained significant importance, businesses should incorporate ESG into the core of their corporate strategy. 

Doesn't Blockchain use a lot Energy?

The Algo ESG platform is built on Algorand Blockchain technology and is a carbon-neutral, secure, scalable, low fee, and environmentally friendly. Algorand pledges to be the world’s greenest blockchain with a carbon-neutral network now and in the future.

Any NFT?

We plan to create an NFT collection and launch a family-friendly club for people of all ages. Through the NFT club, we will educate and empower our members to combat climate change. We plan to hire an artist to create the art and create 1,000 profile pictures as our initial drop (Gen 1).


Consumers think companies should be actively shaping ESG best practices.


Business leaders believe their company has a responsibility to act on ESG issues.


Employees prefer to support or work for companies that care about the same issues.